Please ensure you come to the appointment well-hydrated and well-fed. The process of cosmetic tattooing takes several hours and I want to ensure you’re comfortable.

Please note, sensitivity is heightened during menstrual cycles.

No guests are permitted, please attend your appointment solo.

Appointment Day

Refrain from or discontinue the use of blood thinning medication including (but not limited to) aspirin, ibuprofen, coumadin, and niacin. 

Refrain from or avoid the consumption of all forms of alcohol and caffeine including (but not limited to) coffee, energy drinks, green and black teas.

24 Hours pre-appointment

Refrain from or discontinue the use of Vitamin E and Fish Oil supplements.

1 week pre-appointment

Refrain from or discontinue the use of the following skincare ingredients: Retin-A, Retinol, Isoltretinoin, Glycolic Acid, BHAs/AHAs, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C.

2 weeks pre-appointment

Refrain from or avoid the following activities: tanning, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, laser treatment, and chemical peels.

3 weeks pre-appointment

If you receive botox or fillers, please ensure that you leave a minimum of 4 weeks in between your last botox or filler session and your cosmetic tattoo appointment to ensure it doesn’t affect the overall symmetry of your new cosmetic tattoo.

1 month pre-appointment

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or any extreme illnesses in the past, I require for you to have been in remission for a minimum of 1 year and have a signed note by a licensed physician.

If you have used Accutane in the past, I require for you to be off of it for a minimum of 1 year. 

1 Year pre-appointment

It’s all in the prep, a workable surface is key to a successful session! The treatment area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive and non-irritated to yield optimal results. It is every client’s responsibility to read and implement the pre-care instructions in order for your appointment to be a success. Failure to comply with the pre-care instructions may result in the rescheduling or cancellation of your appointment and forfeiture of your non-refundable deposit.

Please read the following general guidelines thoroughly as they apply to all appointment types then please navigate to the table below for additional pre-care instructions specific to your treatment area.


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